Top 10 Best Portable Booster Seats of 2021

Babies are no doubt smaller and hence unable to access higher points like the tabletops. To be able to handle them well and facilitate their seating, you have to make use of the portable booster seat. These are special seats that are able to raise and lower to maintain your baby in the most convenient position.

Many of these seats abound. This complicates the task of finding a suitable one. We have come in here to help. This is a role we shall tackle principally by highlighting and reviewing the ten best portable booster seats that money can buy at the moment.

List of The Best Portable Booster Seats:

Best Portable Booster Seats Reviews:

10. BABY JOY Travel Booster Seat with Tray for Baby, Folding Portable High Chair

This is not your ordinary booster seat. It comes equipped with a safety belt that basically fastens the baby to the seat wherein it is placed. Thanks to this safety, the seat may be transported easily to the beach, lawn, campsites, and other remote locations with absolute ease.

It among other things facilitates the feeding of infants. This is due to its possession of a food tray on which the plates and cups may be placed while in feeding progress. Some 2-point safety harness also exists to safeguard your child from falling over unexpectedly.

09. Baby-to-Love Easy Up, Toddler Booster Seat for Dining Table (Blue)

Short on space? Choose this minimalist baby booster and use it to feed your child at home and on the go. The seat is indeed small and compact enough to fit just about any other available storage space. It is lighter in weight and subsequently able to facilitate regular travels.

A premium foam cushion adorns the seating segment of the seat. It maintains your child in the utmost comfort all the while. Thus, it also minimizes fidgeting, bruises, abrasions, and blisters that come along in many spates and instances of use. Its three-point restraint harness seals your child from any fall-offs.

08. OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps, Taupe

Are you constant on the move? Choose to work with this chair! It is foldable and collapses quickly when triggered. Thanks to this vital trait, the seat allows for convenient travels and storage when called upon to do so. On the strength of this trait, the seat also fits the smaller storage spaces.

Its seating compartment comprises a removable soft cushion that is strong. The cushion resists stains and is subsequently simpler to keep clean. To further maintain your baby in a state of utmost safety, the seat relies on a three-point harness. This one keeps your young ones in a perfect state of comfort too!

07. Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat – Slate – Booster Feeding Seat

For your maximum convenience, you want a booster seat that is able to discharge varying purposes. This is the one we would recommend that you make good use of. It does have the ability to shuffle back and forth from the toddler seat to the baby booster.

That makes it similarly capable of serving many purposes in one go. The seat is overall secure and safe enough for your baby. To add to these, it also contains some removable trays that store neatly under the booster seats of the cars. All the parts of the seat are easier to clean and maintain the best shape.

06. hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat with Tray for Baby

Just in case you travel every quite often, you want a booster seat that is similarly convenient to take to the place where you want. Without wasting too much of your time, we recommend that you get your hands on this particular chair. It is on the whole foldable and light enough to carry around easily.

Due to its ease of transportation, it is easier and convenient for you to take this chair to just about any other location you please. Moreover, it can also facilitate a number of operations that center on remote use. Its superior free-tip stability sees to it that your child does not trip or fall off easily.

05. hiccapop UberBoost Inflatable Booster Car Seat

Have a car which you use to travel around every now and then? Place your bet on this booster seat. It is optimized for car travels and is also compact enough for such kind of application. The seat is overall sturdy, stable and secure. All these are made possible by the non-skid base.

In all, it provides soothing stability that tends to put a limit on the movements of the baby in the event of an accident. The foam cushions and baby fabrics, on the other hand, are gentle enough when in contact with your skin.

04. Munchkin Brica GoBoost Travel Booster Seat, Blue/Grey

Of all the booster seats we have around, it is this one that is the most portable. This is mainly because it comprises the lightest materials that reduce its weight considerably. Complementing the portability is a stable and strong internal frame. The frame provides the support that is needed for the proper functioning of the gadget.

Also abundantly present on the seat is a storage compartment for your diapers, bottles, and indeed every other gadget you might be in need of. The entire frame and structure of the seat are durable and hence easier longer lasting. Have we added that the entire structure is easier to clean?

03. Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat, Green/Blue, Frustration-Free Packaging

Care for your environment? Why not get your hands on this booster seat? It is manufactured of parts and items that are wholly recyclable. Thus, it commits to caring for your environment and nature as a whole. Its nature is such that it straps easily to secure the many kitchen chairs and dining facilities available.

A dishwasher safe feeding tray also adorns the entire length and breadth of the seat. This is the one you use to place your feeds on. It is simpler to keep clean and hence less likely to make your room and ambiance too dirty. The adjustable three-point harness exists for the safety of your child.

02. BubbleBum Inflatable Backless Booster Car Seat, Black

Short on space or simply want to prepare the seats faster for your child? Look to no other seat than this one. It is inflatable in the sense that it collapses and inflates easily when pumped with sufficient air. Though inflatable, it is also strong and sturdy enough to hold a whopping 40-100 pounds!

Thanks to its foldable nature, the seat is comparatively easier to store and tuck away. On accounts of these two traits, the seat is a good one to deploy to locations that are pretty remote. The same extends to the cleanliness and the maintenance thereof.

01. mifold grab-and-go Car Booster Seat, Slate Grey

Mindful of the safety of your baby? Why not make use of a similarly safety-tested booster seat of this kind? The seat’s overall safety is vouched for by the NHTSA. Thanks to this certification, the seat is able to provide to your child the safeguards it requires to stay healthy and peacefully.

In its entirety, the seat is portable and compact to package and carry around. The mix of these two traits adds to make your seat convenient for the matters of travel and carpooling. What’s more? The seat is able to fold and occupy the least amount of space possible.


Well, for boosting the heights and statures of your loved young ones, the purchase of a suitable portable booster seat is by all means highly called for. The explanations and the products we have looked into above will no doubt give you the much-needed head start.

What are you waiting for now? Why not go ahead and make good use of the information we have generously furnished? You can never afford to gamble with your search for the right seat. That is why we emphasize that you read the explanations keenly. Best of luck in your search!

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