18 Best Portable DVD Player for Car Of 2023

Do you want something that can keep your little ones occupied when traveling or on a road trip? Do you find paying to rent movies in your hotel room an unnecessary expense? Check out one of the below portable DVD players for car that you can keep you and your children entertained long enough.

In today’s world of streaming media, disc-based viewing is considered a thing of the past; the DVD players may not be a trendy and fashionable commodity but, still, they remain a fantastic choice for road trips and occasions that require a lengthy distraction. Consider the below products;

Best Portable DVD Players For Car

1. HDJUNTUNKOR Portable DVD Player for Car

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This HDJUNTUNKOR portable DVD player is a great gift for kids. This portable DVD player comes with a pure HD cinema level screen. The brand new self-produced LCD Screen has more high definition and top picture quality. It also comes with an upgraded 10.5-inch 1024*600 swivel screen with 270-degree rotation and 180-degree flip. It allows users to get the perfect view every time. Moreover, this portable music player is featured with a unique design button. This portable DVD player has two sets of operating systems, one for daily viewing, another for on-board viewing.

Additionally, this portable video player comes with a customized car bag. Users don’t need to take out the headrest mount bag when used in a car. Therefore, it reduces the inconvenience during traveling. Furthermore, it comes with 3 power charging methods. Users can enjoy their favorite videos for five hours or above without charging. Car charger and AC adapter provide an additional charging option, ensuring a longer viewing time.

2. Yoohoo Portable DVD Player For Car

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This Yoohoo portable DVD player comes with a high resolution screen. This DVD player is adopted with 14.1 inch eye-protective LCD screen. This eye-protective LCD screen is safe for users’ eyes and reduces eye fatigue. This high resolution screen can be up to 1280*800. Its 270-degree rotation and 180 degrees flip allows users to get the perfect view. Moreover, this Yoohoo portable DVD player is equipped with a large capacity battery. With 3,500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, this portable music player lasts longer. Therefore, it greatly increases portability for users. With a car charger and an adapter, it can be used for longer anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, this portable video player is also equipped with dual louder speakers. These two built-in stereo speakers give users a more realistic audio experience. It also offers louder dual speakers, clearer sound quality. Therefore, users can enjoy the joy of the sound quality. Lastly, the slim controller is easy to stash and has a wide button selection.

3. Sunpin 12.5 Portable DVD Player for Car

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This Sunpin 12.5 portable DVD player comes with an upgraded eye protective HD screen. This upgraded eye protective HD screen protects users’ eyesight and alleviates eye fatigue.  The engineer of this Sunpin portable DVD player designed an elegant appearance and HD protective screens to bring users a superb viewing experience. While the built-in dual stereo speakers allow the volume louder and clearer.

This 12.5 portable DVD player is a perfect ideal companion for home entertainment and road trips. Users can sync movies on large screens with included AV cable and remote control. As a result, users can enjoy a family happy leisure time. Besides, this portable DVD player also comes with an extra car headrest mount case. Therefore, this portable DVD player can be easily swiveled and attached to the car seat headrest. As a result,  it is an ideal companion for kids watching cartoons on road journeys.

4. Sunpin Portable DVD Player for Car

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As a professional manufacturer and trader, SUNPIN has more than 15 years of experience in both manufacturing and selling Portable DVD Players. As with their own manufacturer, Sunpin adopts a professional high brightness LCD screen on this portable DVD player. This brightness LCD screen brings users a clearer and brighter image. This Sunpin portable DVD player supports multiple inputs. In addition to DVD discs, multiple inputs including USB card and SD/MMC card can be used with this portable video player.

Additionally, this portable music player comes with double earphone jacks. Two kids can enjoy the video player simultaneously. These unique dual headphone jacks design keeps the kids quiet and peaceful watching the same movie on one device. Lastly, it is included with an extra headrest mount case. With the included headrest mount case, users could hang the DVD player onto the back of a car seat. Therefore, users can enjoy movies or music during the whole trip.

5. Wonnie 10.5 Portable DVD Player for Car

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With this Wonnie 10.5 portable DVD player, users can get a  2023 new generation 10.5 inch dual player screen. The big screen of this video player is equipped with HD 1024*800. It gives users more appealing and high quality views. There are also two quality speakers that are included with this Wonnie portable DVD player. These two quality speakers will always provide clear stereo sound for users. The sound is loud, 10 default volumes could adjust to 20 through the remote control. This portable music player can be connected together to play the same movie.

In addition, this Wonnie 10.5 portable video player comes with two practical headrest brackets. Therefore, it gives users two choices for them to easily mount to their car backseat. The main player of this portable DVD player could work about 4-5h solely. Moreover, it can be charged by car charge and AC adapter. As a result, users will enjoy a last-time and pleasant journey.

6. Mydash Portable DVD Player for Car

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This Mydash portable DVD player is equipped with a creative design. This portable DVD player comes with a creative screen keyboard. The creative screen keyboard design gives users one extra operation system under the screen. Therefore, it will improve users’ experience while the player is in folded status. This video player is not only portable but also reliable and convenient as well. With Mydash portable DVD player, users can stay away from the dangerous 18650 lithium battery. It is equipped with high-quality Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries. It offers users longer watching time, and most importantly safety guaranteed.

In addition to innovative design, the screen of this portable music player is also updated. The LCD screen has been upgraded to be 1024 * 600 pixels. It brings much better picture quality and watching experience. The screen can be 270 degrees rotated and 180 degrees flipped, easy to use at anyplace and anywhere.

7. Wonnie Portable DVD Player for Car

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Wonnie is another best brand that offers a new generation of portable DVD player that comes with two players. It offers two new generation 10 inch dual player with 1024*800 screens clarity. These two monitors support playing the same movie via simply AV and DC cable connecting. Moreover, the AV out also allows the main player sync screen to a big TV for a larger watching view.

In addition, this Wonnier portable DVD player also comes with 2 brackets and straps. Therefore, it offers two choices for users to easily mount to their car backseat. This portable DVD player is equipped with volume technology. This volume technology could adjust volume on the player itself. Lastly, it comes with built-in two high power dual speakers. These two high power dual speakers provide clear stereo sound. The sound is loud with 10 default volumes that could be adjusted to 20 via remote control.

8. Apeman Portable DVD Player for Car

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Apeman is committed to providing customers with quality products. This Apeman portable DVD player is featured with 270° rotation and 180° flip feature with 1024×600 eye-protective LCD.  The screen of this player can be rotated smoothly and can be adjusted through rotation.  Users can easily have the best viewing angle by using the function of this swivel screen. Moreover, users can mount the DVD Player to their car headrest. With the screen rotation that  helps find the ideal viewing angle. Therefore, it is a great way to keep children occupied in the car.

In addition, this portable video player is featured with a memory function. This DVD player remembers exactly where the ongoing movie is when users shut it down. It will automatically restart from this point users left the movie when the player is restarted. Lastly, the beauty of this music player is that users can connect it to the TV and play movies on a bigger screen at home.

9. Fangor Portable DVD Player For Car

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Fangor brand is best known for focusing on high quality portable DVD players. This Fangor portable DVD player comes with updated dual DVD players. It is made of one player and one LCD screen. It will play the same movie simultaneously via simply DC and AV cable connecting. Moreover, the AV output allows the main player to connect to a larger TV view or other dvd player. This portable video player is perfect for long road trips. It is designed with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. The main monitor could support up to 4-5 hours working time. It is great to make the journey even more comfortable.

In addition to battery life, this portable  player comes with an AC adapter and car charger. Users will be no more worried about interrupting by low battery consumption. It also offers built-in high power dual speakers. It is great for users to adjust the volume up to 20 volumes.

10. Jekero Portable DVD Player for Car

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With this Jekero portable DVD player, users no need to worry about compatibility. All region discs such as DVD, CD, or VCD can be supported by this kids portable DVD player.  USB and SD cards up to 32G can be used with this player as well. This Jekero portable DVD player comes with a large HD screen. This portable video player uses 1280 * 800P high-resolution LCD screen.

This high quality screen makes the video clearer. This portable music player also comes with a 14.1-inch large screen. This 14.1-inch large screen greatly reduces the eye fatigue. Therefore, adults, elderly, teenagers and children can have fun watching and spending time with this player. It is also convenient for several people to watch movies at the same time.

In addition, this portable DVD player comes with a 270 degree rotation and 180 degree flip function. Therefore, it gives users the suitable viewing angel and easy positioning. This personal DVD player also comes with two large 3-inch speakers that  ensure louder and clearer sound.



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The dual screen allows sharing of entertaining content; the host player outputs AV signals and the monitor inputs AV signals, therefore enabling the sharing for both you and your kids on those occasions that are boring. It has a stable headrest mounting brackets that are easy to install and remove. Also, the stability prevents damage that may be caused by the car vibrations. The in-built battery has a capacity of 2700mAH that will support the player to run for five hours.

It has three power supplies include; the battery, car charger and AC car adapter, hence you can play anywhere. Additionally, it has a break-point memory function; this means; you can continue the movie where you left.



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Works similar to the above product but, the central DVD player outputs AV signals to the slave monitor. Therefore the result is identical that two screens play. The seat headrest mount holder is durable and adjustable, the ABS clamp to fit a wide range of car seats. Always ensure that it securely fastened to the headrest pole.

The battery can run for five hours and on its own, it can support the monitor for two and half hours. It has three power sources providing that anytime convenience to the users. It has a memory function that allows you to continue from where you left last.



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It is built with a game function with 60 kinds of games. Has a crystal clear visibility display provide bright images with HD Resolution, it allows up to a 270-degree rotation and 180-degree flipping design give you the best angle for viewing. Its feature includes a folding display monitor, lightweight compact convenient to carry.

You can connect to a larger screen like a television; you plug the AV cable into the AV output port on the player and the other end connects your TV RCA port. The ability to control with the remote makes you comfortable. It supports a variety of modes of displaying the content such as a card reader, disc formats, video or audio or image file formats.



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It has sixty kinds of game in its game function. You can show love to your kid by presenting it as presents on their birthdays. They ill sure love it. The image resolution is perfect for your kid’s eyes. Ensure you show them how to put the memory button on so that they can also keep on with their games after a distraction.

The screen can be rotated to the angle that you kid feels safe and comfortable, has multiple file format capabilities, it is portable and easy to control using a remote.



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It has thin film translator LCD panel. It has an inbuilt high capacity rechargeable lithium battery. It has unique features that will enhance the entertainment or fun like; stereo speakers, it is an anti-shock and lightweight. If your kids bother you and always cause damages to your phones or television, you can give this to them to their items.

Your kids can watch their favorites from any angle even when sleeping; it is easy to use as you can connect to other media devices through the AV out port. Turn on the remote sensor to enjoy its services. It also has the support power to resume and finally, it comes with a mount holder that has two straps that is fixable to the car headrest easily.



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With a computer, you will have a bigger screen, but you cannot carry it with you anywhere because of the possibility of accidents and the heavyweight. This player will not also require a big bag to move, it is lightweight and you can take it with you anywhere because you will use it for long before the power goes off and you can charge it quickly.

It is easy to use, can play various file formats, perfect viewing angle that allows for the interruption, and comes with a car headrest mount holder. You can take it with you on that road trip.



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It is easy to play and allows for a more significant viewing; they both can be connected by AV cable and the DC input cable. The AV is the one that will enable the primary monitor to the large screen. It is useful during the long trips because its power can last for four hours.

You can easily control the voice using a remote, and both you and your kids can enjoy a movie and keep them awake for that journey. You can charge with either car charger, power bank or charger any that is within your reach. Even after concentrating on the road corner you can still resume the play.



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Let your children carry it whenever they wish because it is an anti-shock and has a lightweight. The resolution is clear, you can use it both indoor and outdoor and the battery is rechargeable. You can present it as a gift to your niece or kid. It is easy to use with the presence of remote sensor, inbuilt speakers and can connect to more prominent media.

It comes with all the other essential features like resume function, compatibility with different file formats and a car headrest mount holder.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying a Portable DVD Player For Car

There are many portable DVD players for cars on the market. Users might have no idea of choosing the best one. Most portable DVD players come in the same styles and designs. However, the quality itself might vary from one to one. Therefore, we here add some buying guides and criteria for users to look at and follow.

Swivel screen

Portable DVD players should come with a swivel screen so that it can be rotated to suit users’ preference view angle. Therefore, it can give users a perfect screen view.

Loud speakers

Portable DVD players should be equipped with a high-quality speaker so that they can offer users a great sound quality for their favorite videos.

Protective screen

Portable DVD players should come with an eye-protective screen so that it eliminates users’ eye fatigue.

Large capacity battery

Portable DVD players should be added with a large capacity battery so that users can watch their videos for a long time without worrying about running out of battery.

Extra headrest mount case

Portable DVD players should come with an extra headrest mount case so that users can equip their DVD player in the car for road trip journeys.


All the above players are efficient and convenient plus cost-effective best portable DVD player for car. It is for this reason that we consider the best from the resolution to lightweight, to shock absorbs so many benefits that you enjoy at the same time.

If you think of going on a road trip or camping with your children, ensure that you have one of these products. If you have no idea of what to present on your kids birthday, now you have plenty of ideas. Enjoy your entertainment lifestyle to the maximum.

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