Top 10 Best Edison Table Lamp of 2023

Indeed, proper lighting is essential in any space. There are various needs for having adequate lighting. Also, the requirements differ from time to time. You might require a different amount of light in the day than at the night. Also, the needs of the lighting fixtures may vary from one space to another. What stands true for your bedroom might not be well suited for your office.

There are various kinds of lighting fixtures available including table lamps that can help just anyone address their lighting needs. If you have been thinking of buying table lamps, then you should go for the Edison ones as they are the best. However, there are a variety of Edison table lamps that you can get in the market some of the best ones are:

List of The Best Edison Table Lamps Reviews:

1. Loft Retro Wood E27 Edison Table Lamp Cafe Home Bar Decoration

1). Loft Retro Wood E27

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This kind of table has a soft, elegant decoration style. The retro color can make you recall the good past days and beauty. When you buy it, the bulb is not included, but you can buy an energy-saving bulb so that you can use it with the lamp. Best for use in a coffee shop, bar, living room, bedroom and study room.

2. Simple Designs Black Bronson Iron Lantern Glass Shade Desk Lamp

2). Home LD1036-BLK Bronson

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This Edison table lamp has a fabric shade of 20% and a matte black finish. It has a shade diameter of 5 inches thereby able to offer you a clear glass shade. It also has a convenient switch for putting the power on and off. Measuring 9.8 length by 5.8 width by 18.8 height inches.

3. Vintage Table Lamp Industrial Wrought Iron Desk Lamp with Dimmer Switch

3). Vintage Table Lamp

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This kind of lamp has a weight of 2.21 lb, a height of 72mm/2.83in and a diameter of 105mm/4.13in. It is best for use in decorating your room, warm reading lamp, ambient light, nightstands lamp, and bedside lamp. Designed from wrought iron which makes it be strong. It has a padded bottom so that it does not slide while you are moving it.

4. HAITRAL Industrial Desk Lamp, Vintage Edison Bulb Table Lamp

4). HAITRAL Desk Lamp

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It has a size of 16.9 height by 5.9 width inches and a power cord of 74 inches so that you can place it in any place that you may think is convenient for you. Although it is tiny it can brighten the entire room. It is designed with an elegant and modern look that is a wooden lamp base and a tubular metal body. Due to the high-quality materials that are used in designing this lamp it can last for long.

5. Libby Modern Industrial Console Table Lamp Bronze 3-Light Amber

5). Libby 3-Light Industrial Console Lamp

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Overall it has a round base which is 8 ¼ inches wide and 30 inches high. When you buy it you are given three Led Edison amber bulbs which are 4W. It has shades of amber seeded glass. It is made of metal, bronze finish and three lamp arms.

6. Ulysses Industrial Desk Table Lamp Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze

6). Ulysses Oil-Rubbed Desk Lamp

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In overall it has a base which is 6 inches wide and 28 inches high. It has a standard socket of 60W which includes 1 dimmable Led Edison bulb of 7W. Also, it has an inline switch at the power cord. It is made of made and has a dark oil bronze finish which has edges of soft gold finish.

7. Surpars House Wood Retro Table Lamp Metal Shade Edison Bulb

7). Surpars House Wood Retro Table Lamp

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It has a metal shade that is black in color and a solid wood base which is brown. When you buy it, you are also given an Edison bulb of maximum power 40W and E26 base. Its measurements are 11 inches height and 5.5 inches in diameter. Since it is made of retro style, it can offer soft, warm light. Best for use in a coffee shop, bar, living room, bedroom and study room.

8. Industrial Table Lamp Rustic Metal Cage Accent Antique Edison Bulb

8). Industrial Cage Edison Bulb

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Overall it has a base of 7 3/8 inches wide, a height of 30 inches, cage shade which is 12 � inches high by 15 inches width. You are also given three antique styles Edison bulbs of 60W. It also has a rust finish at the cage and metal base. In addition to this, it also has a brown cord of 8 foot.

9. INJUICY Vintage Table Lamps

9). INJUICY Vintage Table Lamps

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It is made of long-lasting materials and has a size of 18.11 by 7.9 inches. Best for use in a coffee shop, bar, living room, study room, balcony, hallway, bedroom and study room. It is compatible with bulbs which range from 110V- 240 V and power of 30- 40W.

10. Edison Light Bulbs, Elfeland 40W Vintage Antique Light Bulbs Dimmable

10). Elfeland Vintage Table Lamp

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This lamp takes a unique shape of water pipe, with a sturdy iron base and red valve making it look vivid and also adds industrial vintage atmosphere in a place that you are turning it on. The lamp size is 3.55 length by 2.76 width by 3.94 height(in) and weight of 2.08 lb. It has a switch which makes it easy for you to control it. Best for use in a coffee shop, bar, living room, bedroom, and study room.

Factors to consider when choosing the Top 10 Best Edison Table Lamps

Selecting an Edison table lamp is mostly a matter of your needs, and you should understand well about the kind of light you need in the room.

The various things that can find an answer to that are how many lights you need in the place and what is the intended use of the table lamp is it for reading, writing, or just for providing accent lighting in the room.

Moreover, you should decide if you are going to use the lamp in the day or in the night. Knowing these simple things can help you find the lamp that suits well your needs.

Also, decide on the right side of the lamp. These are available in various sizes, and you should make sure that the one complements well the room size you are going to place it in. It should not be too large as compared to the size of the room and also not too small. Also, you can choose among the various designs of the lamps available to suit well the decor of the area.

In addition to the diverse home needs, these are also very common in multiple other institutions like hospitals, offices, etc. Whatever your needs are, you can be sure to find the right table lamp for you to take care of these simple things.

The right table lamp not only helps to provide you with the right amount of ceiling lights but also adds elegance to the area.


In case you wish to buy a lamp which you can use in your coffee shop, bar, living room, bedroom and study room, then you should look at the above guide as it can be of great help to you.