10 Best Portable Camping Grills Propane of 2023

You have been working all year round, and it is now time to go for a vacation. Perhaps you have decided to travel to someplace far away from home. Whether it is camping in the forest or somewhere close to the beach, you have to eat. It, therefore, implies that you have to load your car with the basic cooking items. It is important to note that preparing meals outdoor, especially during windy days, is often boring and tough.

However, if you have the right cooking tools and equipment, your camping experience will be enjoyable and marvelous. For a long time, the king of outdoor cooking has been a portable gas grill.

A gas grill or sometimes referred to as a propane grill/burner is typically a portable griller that utilizes propane gas for quick and fresh cook outdoors. These grills are pretty easy to control and operate. The good news is that there are plenty of them in the market, and so you just need to choose the best and your camping experience will be a breeze! To make your selection easier here below is a comprehensive list of the best portable camping grills propane:

10 Best Portable Camping Grills Propane

Coleman Perfect-Flow Portable Propane Stove/Grill

01). Coleman Perfect-Flow Portable Propane Stove/Grill

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The Coleman Perfect-Flow Portable Propane Stove/Grill is a lovely-looking portable camping grill. It is immensely easy to use and clean the grill thanks to its porcelain-coats surfaces. It is lightweight, has a great portable design, and easy to assemble. You only need ten minutes and the device will be ready to use! Besides having large handles, it is also foldable to a compact size.

Coleman Perfect-Flow Portable Propane Stove/Grill’s igniter and heating system are superb. As the name suggests, it has a perfect pressure flow and control system for a steady hat. Made of aluminum foil, this item has a large cooking area and uniform heat distribution and outstanding heat retention.

Weber Liquid 51200001 Propane Q1200 Grill

02). Weber Liquid 51200001 Propane Q1200 Grill

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Available in a myriad of colors, Weber Q1200 Grill is an excellent outdoor burner. The grill has a stainless steel dome-shaped body. Its cooking plates is an alloy of cast-iron and porcelain enamel, which makes it extremely easy to clean. Some of the great features making this camping grill an outstanding item include an easy-to-start electronic ignition, a built-in thermometer, and a burner control valve.

While the grill comes with a disposable gas cylinder, it has an inlet vent for an adaptor such that the grill can be powered with larger LPG cylinders. The fact that the entire grills weights about 30 pounds, it is lightweight reasonable enough to be carried when hiking and camping.

Smoke Hollow-205 Propane Grill

03). Smoke Hollow-205

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If you are looking for a perfect propane grill, then the Smoke Hollow-205 may be your perfect choice. It features a stainless steel tabletop, making it ideal for camping, tailgating, or any other outdoor event. It has a cooking area of about 105 square inches made of a chrome-plated rack, which means heat distribution and retention is excellent.

The grill’s body heats up very quickly and so it cooks quicker. It also comes with foldable stainless steel legs for seamless portability. Although it has several components, it is relatively easy to assemble.

Cuisinart CGG-180 Gourmet Petit Portable Propane Grill Gas

04). Cuisinart CGG-180 Gourmet Petit Portable Propane Grill Gas

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This great tabletop propane mini-grill is compact enough to be used in preparing outdoor meals for four to six people. Cuisinart CGG-180 features a telescoping stand and a 160 square inches grilling area. It has a powerful stainless steel burner (5,500 BTU) and a porcelain-enameled grate for even heat distribution. It is incredibly easy to set up the item, as it is ready for cooking in a matter of seconds.

It comes with an integrated lid lock to secure the lid when setting the stands. It is lightweight (about 17 pounds) and easy to carry around thanks to its briefcase-style-carrying handle.

Coleman Fold-N-Go Propane Grill Instant-Start

05). Coleman Fold-N-Go Propane Grill Instant-Start

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It seems Coleman is a popular name when it comes to designing great outdoor cooking solutions. This one, the Coleman Fold-N-Go, is no exception! As the name implies, it comes with foldable and portable grill designed with inbuilt handles for easy storage and transportation. It has a grilling surface area of about 105 square inches sufficient to deliver over 6K BTUs of heat.

The fold and go grill also features an adjustable horseshoe burner whose role is to ensure even heating and the precise temperature is controlled during cooking. There is no need of having a lighter or matchbox as the Insta-Start button ignites the burner. It is also easy to clean and maintain because it comes with a removable dishwasher and grease tray.

Blackstone Tabletop 17-Inch Grill

06). Blackstone Tabletop 17-Inch Grill

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This is yet another great portable propane grill designed with an easy-to-use electric igniter. Blackstone Tabletop is fuel-efficient thanks to an in-built grease catcher. Ideal for tailgating, camping, hunting, road trips, or everyday outdoor use, the grill is a multi-functional cooking item. Cleaning the burner is easy and straightforward, just wipe the surfaces with a paper towel.

It also features a 260-square inches heavy-duty cooking area, a spacious surface ideal for cooking for six to eight people. The cooking surface is also durable and versatile. It does not only heat faster but also ensures there is uniform heat distribution. It boasts of a 12,000 BTU output heat.

Camco 5500 Olympian Stainless Steel With Portable Gas Grill

07). Camco 5500 Olympian Stainless Steel With Portable Gas Grill

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This is the most suitable propane grill recommended for RV and trailer use. The Camco 5500 Olympian Stainless Steel comes with a mounting strut so as users can hang the grill from the side of trailer or RV. It also features a quick-connect valve and hose, allowing for seamless connection of low-pressure external propane.

As far as cooking and heating is concerned, this grill gets hot much faster with an effective flame control. It is also easy and quicker to set it up.

Char-Broil Portable Grill 2GoX200 Tru-Infrared LPG Grill

8). Char-Broil Portable Grill 2GoX200 Tru-Infrared LPG Grill

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Char-Broil Portable is a high-quality grill with an ingenious design. It is the only grill in our list that employs Tru-Infrared cooking technology, a system that uses radiant heat to cook food instead of conduction or convection heat. Its cooking grate is spread heat uniformly across the grill beside radiating heat directly into the food. In the end, the food cooks faster than any other grill.

Since there is little energy lost to convection heat, food stays tender or moist for longer periods. Other features make this grill outstanding include body/lid made of porcelain, a wider cooking area, removable dial-control, and in-built temperature gauge. The fact that is only 22 pounds means it is lightweight and easy to carry around.

Char-Broil 240 Portable LPG Grill

09). Char-Broil 240 Portable LPG Grill

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Built for travels and outdoor cooking, Char-Broil 240 Portable a LPG Grill with a 240 square inches cooking area. It comes with sturdy legs when placed on a table or when on the ground. It has features strong handles to ease transportation. The lid has an inbuilt temperature gauge. The entire body is made of porcelain for easy cleaning and heat retention.

Smoke Hollow Tabletop Vector 3

10). Smoke Hollow Tabletop Vector 3

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Designed with foldable side tables and a smoke tray, Smoke Hollow Tabletop Vector 3 Burner is a high-quality grill ideal for everyday outdoor cooking. Featuring 367 square inches of cooking area, the item can cook food that serves four to eight people.

Heat is evenly distributed across the heat tents and cooking grids thanks to its chrome-plated warming racks, double-layered hood, and high-heat painted. The vector burners produce total heat of about 13,000 BTSs while the smoke tray burner produces 3,500 BTU.


Portable propane gas grills are undoubtedly one of the best cooking items to have even been invented. Those who are out in camps and beaches can enjoy delicious meals anywhere and anytime. You will definitely be experiencing outdoor cooking at its finest. With the list of the best portable camping grills propane out, you can now enjoy your vacation knowing that your cooking challenges have been sorted out!