Top 10 Best Portable Tennis Nets (2023 Reviews)

In order to improve your physical ability and health, you can start playing tennis but sometimes you may not find a tennis court near your location. The reason for joining tennis is that it is one of the most popularly played sports all over the world. In such a condition, either you will have to adjust with a net for kids’ tennis or plan to buy a portable tennis net for your own needs. But buying the best portable tennis nets can be confusing for you as they are manufactured by a number of companies with different types of looks and materials.

Below is a brief review of some of the best portable tennis nets are provided hereunder to help you in buying the best one for you.

List of The Best Portable Tennis Nets:

1. Vermont 3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Net Doubles ITF Regulation

1. Vermont Tennis Net by Net World Sports

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This portable tennis net looks like the nets used in Grand Slam championships. In order to make this 42 feet long tennis net more durable and look like professional nets all of its sides have overlocked edges.

This net made from a double-layered mesh of 3.5mm braided string of HDPE. It is backed by a warranty for 2 years. It can be attached easily to any type of tennis posts, square or round.

2. Set of Pickleball, Badminton and Quickstart Tennis Net by Lifetime

2. Set of Pickleball, Badminton and Quickstart Tennis Net by Lifetime

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This set of nets includes nets for 3 games Pickleball, Badminton, and Quick Tennis so that you can play any of them. This 20 feet wide heavy-duty net can be adjusted at three levels of height including 36”, 48” and 61”, according to the game you want to play.

This set includes powder-coated steel poles to provide durability to the net. For its stability, you can fill its base with water or sand. It is supported by a manufacturer’s limited warranty for 1 year.

3. Combination of Vermont Net for Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer Tennis and Pickleball by ProCourt

3. Combination of Vermont Net for Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer Tennis and Pickleball by ProCourt

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This combi set of Vermont nets can be used to participate in various sporting activities including tennis, badminton, soccer tennis, pickleball, and volleyball with your family and friends. Its portable system allows you to take it wherever you go.

It can be assembled easily on the steel poles provided with it. Its from is made from powder-coated rust-resistant premium quality steel and net from 6 plies 1” thick PE strings. It is available in three sizes to choose from as per your requirements

4. Edwards 40LS Tennis Net by Athletic Specialties

4. Edwards 40LS Tennis Net by Athletic Specialties

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This 42’ tennis net is the best for playing tennis in community, school, or clubhouse tennis courts. It is made from high quality braided 3.5mm netting of polyethylene with rows of double mesh at the center to ensure its durability.

A heavy-duty headband made of polyester protects its top from the impacts of balls and racquets. Perforation on its sides allows you to attach to the poles easily.

5. Wilson EZ Tennis Net by Wilson

5. Wilson EZ Tennis Net by Wilson

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This is the perfect tennis net for the players of 10 years and below while learning how to play tennis. It can be installed and taken away easily.

This 18 feet wide tennis net has been approved by USTA for the tennis tournaments of 10 and underage players.

6. Mini Portable Tennis and Soccer Tennis Net for Kids by Aoneky

6. Mini Portable Tennis and Soccer Tennis Net for Kids by Aoneky

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This tennis net 33” high and 10 to 18 feet wide to allow juniors to play tennis as a part of their physical activities.

It can be set up as well as taken away easily even in the small tennis courts. Along with juniors, experienced tennis layers can also use it for improving their game or practicing in routine.

7. Net for Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, and Pickleball by Wilson

7. Net for Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball and Pickleball by Wilson

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This portable tennis net can be set up easily by using the 10 foot long ropes on its either side to attach it to patio chairs, posts, or trees.

This tennis net can also be used for various other sports requiring net-like volleyball and badminton etc.

8. Tennis Net by MacGregor

8. Tennis Net by MacGregor

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This tennis net is made from 2.5 mm thick black colored twisted strings of polyethylene.

The breaking strength of this net is 225 pounds. Its headband with a tensile strength of 320 pounds is made of 4 rows of lock-stitched HD quality vinyl. Its sides and bottom are covered with HD vinyl tapes.

9. Set of Portable Net for Badminton, Tennis, Pickleball, Soccer Tennis and Kids Volleyball by Boulder

9. Set of Portable Net for Badminton, Tennis, Pickleball, Soccer Tennis and Kids Volleyball by Boulder

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This set of the portable net allows you to play various types of games including modified volleyball, badminton, pickleball, soccer tennis, and tennis, etc. with your family and friends. You can take it to a beach site or any other place to play any of these games during vacations due to its lightweight and foldable design.

It can be set up and taken down at various heights within a few minutes. Also, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors as it is made from rust-resistant materials. It can be used by adults as well as kids for playing casual games as well as training games.

10. Portable net for Beach Volleyball, Badminton, Soccer Tennis and Tennis by Street Tennis Club

10. Portable net for Beach Volleyball, Badminton, Soccer Tennis and Tennis by Street Tennis Club

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This portable net withstands can be taken away wherever you want by carrying it in the carry bag provided with it or putting it in the trunk of your car. All of its parts are joined to a starchy string so that you may not misplace them while setting up or taking down.

This net allows you to play the game of your choice wherever you want otherwise sometimes it can be difficult for you to play them. The stand of this net is made from painted steel to keep it free from rust. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors to play the game of your choice anytime and anywhere as it is easy to set up and take down within a few minutes.

Portable Tennis Nets Buying Guide

For tennis enthusiasts searching for a portable tennis net for their very own use, to run a tennis club or as a coach looking for something to assemble to prepare your students for a PE game at school. There is an extensive range of tennis nets to choose from, from economy standard to those used in the Grand Slam tournament champions and more.

We have taken a peek into the most brilliant and reliable tennis nets options to give you simplify information and detail of what you should be looking for when deciding which tennis net to buy.

What is the Standard Size of a Portable Tennis Net?

Standard tennis net dimensions have a height of 1.07 meters at the posts, 0.914 meters high in the middle, and width set at 12.8 meters between the posts. A portable net is designed from using polyethylene and polyester to keep it resistant to fading.

How To Choose a Tennis Court Net

While choosing a net, endeavor to put the frequency of use into consideration. In order words, the length of playing season and the type of tennis court used upon matters. A tennis court with long-playing seasons needs a net that can equally last.

What Kind Of Headband Material Is Best?

There are three preferable choices of headband materials available for tennis lovers to choose from, depending on your budgets and requirements.

There are the standard headband options which are the cheapest or low budget entry designed with a vinyl-coated polyester. It’s manufactured using a lower standard material, though the advantage of the vinyl coating in it gives it hard-wearing, and suitable for public areas such as schools, and communities.

The second here is the standard polyester headband, perfect for tennis clubs and private courts. It’s finely designed and polished of a fabric feel to give exciting and fulfilled play. In general, it’s the ideal design and style for players due to its effect.

Premium polyester headband, which is the third option boasts of the best in style and effect. Premium is the best fit for professional tennis clubs and tournaments such as Wimbledon. It’s made of shiny white headbands for better visibility on the top of the net.

Noteworthy is that some manufacturing companies offer tennis nets with the option of polyester or vinyl headbands. The vinyl headband is matching for all tennis surfaces. Be it clay or grass but most suitable for clay. Vinyl is also simpler to cleanse. The polyester headband is not ideal for soft courts like clay as it is difficult to clean.

Choosing The Right Tennis Net

The two crucial decisions to make when choosing a tennis net are the net thickness and the perfect headband type. Another thing is that you could choose whether you also need the extra strip of netting along the top of the net known as Double Netting Top or not.


A white band that cuts across the top of the length of the net. It’s designed sometimes in white canvas type material or traditional cream with each benefit: durability, and aesthetics.

Netting thicknesses

The beauty of tennis nets is dependent on its thickness. That is to say, the thicker the netting, the more durable it becomes. Tennis nets are manufactured of the standard two rows, along with the headband, while some offer more reliable and stronger four rows called, quad stitching to increase stability in heavily used tennis courts.

Netting options you need

Durability means better-looking nets and quality tennis courts to play in. Headbands and sidebands are combined in a folded style to provide asymmetric look and keep it from fraying.

Durability comes in when net bodies are designed with smaller mesh sizes and tight heat-set knots to avoid slippage. Many models of tennis nets have full bottom bands sewn folded under. Another thing is that exclusive Flexi-loop on cable makes it easier for installation and long-lasting cable life.

Choosing a Tennis Court Net

Tennis net court is divided into two types – braided nets and twisted nets. However, it terms of durability; braided nets is highly preferable by most tennis fans because it’s stronger, tougher, and absorbs more energy than the latter.

3.5mm braided

This remains the preferable weight. Durable as it’s made of quality interwoven polythene fiber. For example, high profile events and other major international tournaments throughout the globe use this net. In order words, this net is designed with elite quality, expertly crafted to conform with professional class and perfect for top-level play.

For instance, when a ball hits hard against the braided net, it drops closer to the net instead of rebounding off it. Suitable net materials are made with polyester and polyethylene as a result of these material’s ability to resist fading from weather well and UV radiation.

2.2mm twisted

This is the cheapest nets available with the thinnest netting made with coiled polythene fibers. Nets made of this material starts to fail faster as the stitching holding it to the head bags starts to break apart. Nevertheless, when treated as provided in the guide, it will definitely offer years of service. It’s more compatible with low use courts.

2.5mm twisted

Preferable for domestic and public courts use. This is also called double stitching with two lines stretching across the length of the headband to keep the net firm and tight for play. It is a low-cost level net which sometimes comes without edge tapes, equally useful for most home tennis courts.

Knotted vs Knotless Tennis Netting

There’s a slight difference between knotless and knotted netting. The preference here depends on individual aesthetics, even though both of them have their pros and cons.

Knotless netting, however, is less sturdy and holds less moisture should it eventually get wet. It’s manufactured with a more precise line of sight between them while knotted netting is highly dependable, durable, and better designed to handle direct impacts from hard-hit serve.

Knotted netting is easier to maintain which makes it the best resort for tennis championships, including Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and so on.


Thus, the reviews of some of the best portable tennis nets provided in this write-up can help you in buying a suitable one for you. You can play tennis and other games needing net with your family and friends during vacations as well as in routine to remain healthy and fit.