10 Best Portable Wheelchair Ramp of 2023

Wheelchairs are great as they allow disabled persons to move about freely. They have one serious downside though. It is a bit difficult for them to get up and down a staircase or higher elevations with ease. To do so, you have to rely on a portable wheelchair ramp.

A ramp is basically a sloping surface that joins two areas of different elevations. They, in doing so, facilitate the entry and exit of the said areas. It is always important to equip yourself with the one to use at any given time. We sample and explain some ten ramps hereunder you might want to consider.

10 Best Portable Wheelchair Ramp:

10. Goplus Portable Aluminum Non-Skid 8′ Multifold Wheelchair Ramp

10: GoplusĀ® Portable Aluminum Non-Skid 8' Multifold Wheelchair Ramp Mobility Scooter Carrier (8 Feet)

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This ramp has a wider applicability indeed. It is able to traverse raised surfaces, curbs, and steps. With it, you will not have to clutter your chair with many ramps while on the move. A lip that measures 2.5 inches and is angled exists as a premier feature of this ramp.

Its role is to secure the ramps firmly in place. A high traction surface also exists to provide the grip you need in moments of extremely wet weather conditions. Moreover, the gadget folds to allow for smooth storage and transportation when the need comes.

9. HOMCOM Lightweight Aluminum Portable Skid-proof PVC Carpeted Folding Wheelchair Ramp

9: HOMCOM Lightweight Aluminum Portable Skid-proof PVC Carpeted Folding Wheelchair Ramp

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It is not uncommon for the ramps to slide and give rise to accidents when in use. Not many ramps are well-equipped for this eventuality though. This one, however, seems to understand this fact only too well. It does have two high side walls and a skid-proof surface to aid with safety.

They prevent accidental falls and maintain you in a state of utmost safety all along. On account of this, the ramp performs well in an area that is slippery owing to wet weather. You will not only find it good for the wheelchairs but also for motorbikes, scooters, and adjust about any other wheeled objects.

8. HOMCOM Portable Textured Aluminum Folding Wheelchair Threshold Ramp

8: HOMCOM Portable Textured Aluminum Folding Wheelchair Threshold Ramp, 6'

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Are you disabled? We invite you to attempt this extremely tough ramp. It does have the impressive ability to handle a whopping 600 pounds of weight. This is due to its anti-corrosive and sturdy aluminum alloy. Notwithstanding its tough nature, it is also light enough to engage with ease.

It does have a convenient carry handle that facilitates its transportation and handling. The handle is tough and durable enough to allow for repeated use. Moreover, it is ergonomically shaped to allow any other person to carry the gadget as need be. Overall, the ramp is also safer.

7. Clevr 6′ (72″ X 31″) Extra Wide Non-Skid Traction Aluminum Ramp

7: Clevr 6' (72

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Wanting to facilitate the motions of two or more ramps at a time? Look to no other ramp than this one. It is by far the widest and the more able to accommodate multiple wheelchairs at a time. Moreover, its weight-bearing capacity is a decent 600 pounds.

Over and above its width, the ramp is also portable, light and very safe. The safety is mainly made possible by the existence of the safety pins. To transport it to the desired scene of use, you make use of the built-in carrying handles. Rounding up all its elegant features is the unique bottom grip.

6. Titan Ramps 8′ ft. Aluminum Multifold Wheelchair Scooter Mobility Ramp portable

6: Titan Ramps 8' ft. Aluminum Multifold Wheelchair Scooter Mobility Ramp portable 96

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Looking for a ramp to use repeatedly and indefinitely? Such a ramp definitely has to be strong and durable enough. We ask you to attempt this specific ramp as it embodies durable and safe construction. The main reasons underlying these are the corrosion-resistant Aluminum construction, slip-resistant surfaces, and extra-wide design.

Together, these traits allow it to work well with the mobility scooters and motorized wheelchairs. They also cut the time you would take to deploy the ramp for use. Other than being tough and durable, the ramp is also light enough to allow for easy handling.

5. MABIS DMI Healthcare DMI Portable Wheelchair Ramp

5: MABIS DMI Healthcare DMI Portable Wheelchair Ramp

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Heights vary greatly from place to place. A good ramp has to be able to adjust to fit the various heights with absolute ease. It is only this one, out of the many we have under review, which is able to vary the height. When fully stretched out, the handle is telescoping.

This makes it reach farther and higher areas conveniently. Unlike your ordinary ramps, this one does not require assembly before use. That is because it comes about ready for use and deployment. You will find it good for use in those locations that are far detached from the mainstream.

4. Clevr 3′ Extra Wide Non-Skid Traction Aluminum Wheelchair Scooter Loading Ramp

4: Clevr 3' (36

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Wheelchairs are available in two main options. These are the powered and the manual respectively. Unfortunately, not many ramps are able to juggle between these two core kinds. Only this one seems to be able to do just that. It does facilitate the motions of the powered and manual wheelchairs equally.

A distinctively high traction non-slip tape exists to provide unhindered access to the landings, curbs, and the porches. Though lighter in weight, this ramp handles 600 pounds with the utmost reliability. Owing to its lightweight, it is also portable enough to take wherever you may want.

3. Drive Medical Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Scooter Ramp

3: Drive Medical Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Scooter Ramp

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Is your environment of use generally watery? You cannot rely on the ordinary wheelchair ramp. That is because many ramps do suffer from the accumulation of and the damage by water. This one stands out though by virtue of comprising perforated slots. These slots prevent water from accumulating on the ramp.

Other than keeping water from seeping into the ramp, the design also transitions the scooters and wheelchairs from one surface to another with absolute ease. It is further very durable and able to stand the effects of damages and fidgeting. Carry it around for your next remote escapade.

2. Prairie View Industries WCR630 Portable Multi-fold Ramp, 6 ft. x 30 in

2: Prairie View Industries WCR630 Portable Multi-fold Ramp, 6 ft. x 30 in

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Many past users have suffered pain and discomfort in their use of these appliances. This ought not to happen though. Not when you have one that possesses a patented center joint hinge. It is this hinge that eliminates the major pinch points. That way, it maintains you in a state of absolute safety.

During its makeup, this ramp was tested rigorously. It hence meets the standards and regulations set forth by the Underwriters Laboratory. Thanks to this testing, the gadget does bear a whopping 800 pounds. While at it, the tool provides maximum stability and support to you.

1. Prairie View Industries SFW330 Portable Singlefold Ramp, 3 Feet x 30 Inch

1: Prairie View Industries SFW330 Portable Singlefold Ramp, 3 Feet x 30 Inch

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Maneuvering your wheelchair in a cramped up space is generally prone to injuries and dangers. Many ramps fail this test. They do not provide the support needed to handle those maneuvers with maximum reliability. This one is equipped with an anti-slip skid-resistant tape that gives off maximum traction.

Throughout the joints are some welded fabrication instead of the normal riveting. Thus, it is tighter, more powerful and truly reliable. It is this makeup that grants the support and traction needed for reliable tasks later. In general, it gives a full 30-inch wide platform. This is large enough for multiple wheelchairs.


It is our firm belief that the reviews of the top wheelchair ramps above have given you a sneak preview of the best items to choose to work with. Having imparted this knowledge on you, we are now confident that you can pick a good one for your use.

As you may already have noted, these chairs are intended for different roles. It is up to you to skim them and find that one that matches your unique needs. This might require talking to some users in your area for further assistance. What more may we help you with?