10 Best Smart Sprinkler System Controller of 2023

Having a lush green lawn can easily enhance the beauty and aesthetic factor of your home. But a beautiful lawn needs a little bit of effort. With the help of a reliable irrigation system, one can easily grow a thick layer of grass on their lawn or backyard. An automatic sprinkler system can be a great idea to supply water to your lawn grasses in a systematic way. Hence, you must buy one of the best smart sprinkler system controllers.

These smart sprinkler system controllers make things much easier and better. This is one of the best ways to provide sufficient water to the lawn. But with so many controllers available in the market, it can be really hard for you to choose the best. Make sure to pay attention to the features and specifications of the sprinkler system before you buy one.

10 Best Smart Sprinkler System Controller

1. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

1: Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

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Experience the smartest and best water sprinkler system controller with this smart sprinkler controller. It works with Alexa voice control efficiently making it easier for you to control the system conveniently. The best part of this controller is that the weather intelligence is based on the real time weather and adjustments of season.

So, it can automatically predict whether or not there will be any rain. If not, then it will start watering the lawn on its own. It provides better data and smart watering. It is also an EPA water sense certified product which is ideal for efficient water usage.

2. NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller

2: NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller

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Get the next generation smart controller for sprinkling water on your lawn and backyard with this amazing and versatile system. The real-time remote operation helps you in smart watering to get beautiful lush green meadow.

The system is very easy to install as well as setup. You can control the system also via your smartphone and their web portal. It also comes with water saving technology with EPA WaterSense label.

3. Yardian Multi-functional Smart Sprinkler Controller

3: Yardian Multi-functional Smart Sprinkler Controller

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Experience the most convenient watering system for your lawn and backyard with the innovative and new Yardian smart sprinkler system controller. You can manually program the sprinkler with the seasonal adjustment feature. It is designed in such a way that it can easily control the sprinkling system.

It is surely one of the best smart sprinkler system controllers. You will get the voice command feature with the help of Alexa. The seamless integration and master valve make the operation smooth and efficient.

4. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller 2nd Generation

4: Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller 2nd Generation

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Get the best and most efficient usability with this 2nd gen smart sprinkler controller. It can easily adapt to your lawn. You can easily setup the schedule by providing all the details about plant type and exposure to the sun.

It can be connected to Wi-Fi. So, once you download the app Rachio you can control the sprinkler remotely from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It can save your water as well as energy to a great extent by automatically watering your lawn using efficient water-saving technology.

5. RainMachine HD-12 Forecast Sprinkler

5: RainMachine HD-12 Forecast Sprinkler

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This is another great and most efficient smart Wi-Fi irrigation controller. It can effectively provide water to your lawn based on the weather forecast of your area. It is an automatic system that you can also remotely control by connecting the device with Wi-Fi. Thus it can save you time as well as energy.

6. Spruce Irrigation 16 Zone Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller

6: Spruce Irrigation 16 Zone Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller

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Enjoy a hassle-free and stress-free irrigation system for your lawn now with one of the most versatile and smart best smart sprinkler system controllers. It is very easy to set up and controls the sprinkler with the help of the apps from your smartphone.

You can also maximize water efficiency by adding moisture sensors. With the automatic scheduling, you will also be able to choose the right timing for watering your lawn based on specific requirements.

7. Netro Smart Sprinkler Controller

7: Netro Smart Sprinkler Controller

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This is a fully automatic sprinkler controller with smart technology. It can dynamically create as well as adjust the schedule of watering based on the weather and types of plants you have.

This is a very eco-friendly way to water your lawn as it can efficiently save a lot of water. It comes with water restrictions that can alert you about water usage. It is also easily accessible remotely via Wi-Fi and you can control it through a laptop or smartphone.

8. NxEco HWN12-100 Pro Smart Sprinkler Controller

8: NxEco HWN12-100 Pro Smart Sprinkler Controller

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Get the best experience with this amazingly smart and efficient sprinkler controller. You can now easily set up and control the timing of the sprinkler on your lawn and backyard.

With the help of the automatic weather adjustments, it can use the right time to water your lawn. It is EPA WaterSense Certified for best and most efficient water usage.

9. Rain Bird ST8I Wi-Fi Smart Sprinkler System

9: Rain Bird ST8I Wi-Fi Smart Sprinkler System

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With some versatile smart features, this is sure one of the best smart sprinkler system controllers in the market. You can connect it with the Wi-Fi signal and conveniently control it from anywhere sitting at your house with the help of a smartphone or tablet.

It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple iOS 8, and Android 4.4 or Later versions of android phones.

10. Skydrop Halo Smart Sprinkler System Controller

10: Skydrop Halo Smart Sprinkler System Controller

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Equipped with Alexa voice command and Wi-Fi connectivity, you will be able to enjoy the best features. This is a smart sprinkler system controller that has an 8-zone irrigation system for better and more effective water irrigation for your lawn. This not only saves your time and energy but also save 20% of your money on the water bill.


Using these items do have the ability to bring forth the following advantages and overall benefits:

Reduced Wastage of Water

The number of benefits that come along with the use of these systems is the reduced wastage of water. These appliances do give you the ability to determine the amount of water that may be discharged to the targeted location. In doing that, they reduce the possibilities of wasting water altogether.

Manageable Utility Expenses

Given that they let you keep the flow of water firmly in check, they also ensure that you manage the amount of money you may have to use to settle the utility expenses. That again is great because it means you won’t suffer the loss of too much money when enjoying the water.

Added Peace of Mind

Many people often worry too much about the possibility that the water may flood too much and even pose some damages to the surrounding environments. Not so when these smart sprinkler systems are employed. That is given their ability to keep all the flows firmly in check.

The Leeway to Multitask

They also give you the freedom to multitask. This is mainly because of the fact that they automate most of the tasks that come along with the discharge of the flow of the waters. You may hence devote some bit of your time to the other chores at the same time you also sprinkle your spaces.

No Tiring

As hinted above, these items are automated in such a way as to minimize the need to pay too much attention or spend a lot of your effort. You may as a matter of fact use them for a prolonged duration of time without necessarily feeling fatigued or overwhelmed.


To lay your hand on a suitable smart sprinkler system controller, you have to care for the following requirements:

Your Expertise

Your own expertise should rank tops. You want a gadget that you can easily comprehend and make great use of without too much ado. That is only possible if you assess your expertise in a manner that is fair and accurate. Then, go ahead to set your hands on a gadget that is simple enough.

Nature of the Sprinkler System

These items are intended for different sprinkler systems. It is important that you find one that is able to pair and work with the system you have at hand. Yet again, you will only have to assess the nature of the system you have at hand to take note of its unique attachments.

Size of the Lawn or Garden

How vast the lawn or the garden is also determined to a great extent the kind of system you may find handy. A larger garden similarly needs a more sophisticated gadget and vice versa. You have to carry out studies upon studies to ascertain whether the gadget you have in mind is able to deliver on that end or not.


The controls form the core of these items. It is them that determine the way in which you may vary the functions and the utilities of the system in its entirety. Find a gadget whose controls are simple enough for you to comprehend. At the same time, they have to be able to perform the task at hand.

Planned Longevity of Use

In total, for how long would you wish to make use of the gadgets? If you plan to do so for a duration that is too long, you may have to choose one that is similarly strong and versatile. The physical strength reduces the possibilities of frequent breakdowns while the versatility allows for the attachments of many extras.


Life is quite busy and everyone is busy with their work and family. In this busy life, people often forget to take care of their lawns and backyard. This can cause withered leaves and grasses everywhere. But these efficient and best smart sprinkler system controllers will not let your lawn withered away and look hideous.

It makes your work easier by automatically controlling the water flow. So, if you are looking for one of the best sprinklers, make sure to buy one from these.