Top 10 Best Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad in 2019

Buying camping mats so that you can use them for sleeping can be a wonderful idea in ensuring that you are comfortable as you sleep or lay down to relax your body. So many people do buy these mats buy they do not know which one’s are the best, but as revealed by experts the inflatable ones can be the best for you. With mats, you will not have any challenges as you relax. If you wish to buy these inflatable sleeping bags you will find that there are many of them on the market, some of the Top 10 Best Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad that you can buy are:

Best Seller Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad on Amazon

Bestseller No. 1
Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad - Mat, (Large), Ultralight 14.5 OZ, Best Sleeping Pads for Backpacking, Hiking Air Mattress - Lightweight, Inflatable & Compact, Camp Sleep Pad
2" THICK SLEEP SUPPORT! YOU WILL LOVE THIS SLEEPING PAD! Want to sleep comfortably anywhere? No need to suffer with a cheap flimsy short outdoor sleeping pad! This quality portable camping mat pad is perfect. Super sturdy and extremely comfortable. Great for any sleep position.
SaleBestseller No. 2
WELLAX Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad - Inflatable Camping Mat for Backpacking, Traveling and Hiking Air Cell Design for Better Stability & Support -Best Sleeping Pad (Green)
WELLAX COMFORT PLUS SLEEPING PAD provides the optimal Comfort and Warmth your body needs for getting a good night's rest. Your weight is supported by dozens of flexing air cells just like a pocket sprung mattress. Roll over or sleep on your side on a WellaX Camping Mat and you won't wobble or bottom out. NO MORE Back-pain or annoying Discomfort from rocky terrain or bumps underneath!
Bestseller No. 3
HONEYBULL Sleeping Pad for Camping with Pillow, Travel Bag & Fix Kit [Inflatable]
NO DISCOMFORT: With the revolutionary ultra-light Modular AirPads, you can officially say goodbye to pain and discomfort when sleeping outdoors. Contouring to the exact shape of your body, the expert design of this pad will help you achieve a comfortable night’s sleep – no matter where you are. Part of the essentials for backpacking adults looking for a floor bed or beds that can roll while they camp as part of their gear.
SaleBestseller No. 4
ZOOOBELIVES Extra Thickness Inflatable Sleeping Pad with Built-in Pump, Most Comfortable Camping Mattress for Backpacking, Car Traveling and Hiking, Compact and Lightweight - Airlive2000
4" THICK FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT in this premium self inflating sleeping pad. You get a very comfy extra thick 4 inch of air padding that protects from rough ground, hard floors, and cold conditions. Providing a true 4-season pad with an estimated R-value of 4. Get a great night's sleep anywhere at any time. Measures 74" x 24" x 4" fully inflated.
SaleBestseller No. 5
OlarHike Camping Sleeping Pad for Backpacking, Ultralight & Compact Camping Pad with Pillow, Inflatable Sleeping mat for Hiking, Travelling-Blue
EASY TO INFLATE & DEFLATE : Are you tired of inflating your sleeping pad with your mouth? We use an innovative rear inflatable bag that can be inflated by hand in less than two minutes so that you don't need to get dizzy or carry inflatable tools. Deflating is also very easy - just open the valve and let the air come out on its own, as you fold it.

Top 10 Best Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad

1). Inflatable Backpacking Camping Sleeping Mat

1). Inflatable Backpacking Camping Sleeping Mat
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This pad is 2 inches thick and uses air cubed surface design cells so that you are able to adjust your body for you to have warmth, support and optimal comfort. It has a push valve which allows fast deflation and inflation. It has a snap on at each side so that you can connect two pads for more comfort and space. It is very light for you to easily carry it anywhere you are going.

2). Abco Tech Sleeping Bag

2). Abco Tech Sleeping Bag
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The kind of sleeping bag has a barrel design that is narrow at the legs and wide at the shoulders so that you can have maximum freedom, warmth and comfort. These bags are easy to clean and carry since they come with a carrying bag. It is made of pure polyester lining which is not harmful to the skin.

3). Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight Sleeping Pad

3). Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight Sleeping Pad
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It is a 2 inch ultralight sleeping pad which uses interconnected air cells which can adjust to your body shape so that you can have warmth, support and optimal comfort. It weighs only 16oz and can be folded down to 8 by 3 by 3 inches therefore able to easily fit in your backpack. It also has an easy to use air valve which can allow you to have quick inflation and deflation. It is designed of weatherproof and durable nylon fabric.

4). Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad

4). Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad
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It is a very affordable lightweight sleeping pad that you can use when you are camping which has a V- chamber design which can limit heat loss and air movement so that you can have better comfort and support. It also has an easy to use air valve which can allow you to have quick inflation and deflation

5). WellaX Sleeping Pad

5). WellaX Sleeping Pad
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With this pad you will be able to get maximum warmth and comfort for your body since your weight will be supported by flexing cells. It has a single layer of air cells which can offer you the lightest and smallest packed volume without hindering your comfort. The TPU layer and ripstop nylon offer the best balance between durability and low weight. It is able to reflect back the radiant heat to you when you are sleeping, resists tear, waterproof and is very silent.

6). IFORREST Sleeping Pad

6). IFORREST Sleeping Pad
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This pad will offer you the maximum comfort that you need while you are camping. It has armrests which makes it easy for you to relax your arms and head. It is easy to use since you will only unfold it and start to use it. It is made of 190T polyester which is waterproof.

7). Freeland Sleeping Pad

7). Freeland Sleeping Pad
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It is able to offer you the warmth and comfort that you need. It is very lightweight and compact in size for you to easily carry it in your backpack. Made of 190T polyester which is weather resistant, durable, soft, resists tear. It also has a tufted design for additional comfort and cushion. It even has split joint design which can assist you to connect two or more sleeping pads for group, couples and family camping.

8). Coleman Sleeping Pad

8). Coleman Sleeping Pad
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It is an inflatable sleeping pad which offers extra cushioning when you are camping. The tufted and soft design provides the extra layer for padding between the ground and the sleeping pad. It is able to inflate itself without using a pump. Made of polyester shell which is very durable. The compression straps are able to force out air for it to be deflated quickly.

9). FlexForm Premium Pad

9). FlexForm Premium Pad
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It has weight of 6.0 lbs, rolled size of 30 by 7.75 inches and open size of 77 by 30 by 3 inches. It is able to keep you exceptionally warm through the 9.66 maximum R-value . It also has dual oversize air valves so that they can assist in fast deflation and inflation. In includes oversize carrying bag and compression straps.

10). Premium Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

10). Premium Self Inflating Sleeping Pad
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It has a thick design of 1.5 inches which ensures that you are comfortable. With this pad, you will not be able to feel the uneven surfaces and bumps which are found on the ground.

The most important factor is the temperature rating of the bag. If the mat states that it is rated as a 20, that means it is suitable for temperatures down to 20 degrees. Use this formula to figure out which bag you need. Knowing the temperature rating for the mat is crucial for keeping you warm in the environment you will be in. Don’t buy a summer rated bag and use it in the snow!

If you are in a damp climate, make sure you get a bag that has either a waterproof coating on it or a shell that repels moisture. Nobody likes to wake up in a wet sleeping bag.

Inflatable Sleeping Bag for Camping Buying Guide

If you have ever been camping, you will understand how cold the nights can get. You will be shivering all through the night if you don’t have a sleeping bag to comfort you. Sleeping bags are the most important piece of equipment that you must get when going camping.  This detailed guide will help you with your decision to buy inflatable sleeping bags for camping. After following this guide, you would enjoy camping without worrying about the long cold nights that deprive you of good sleep.

The Three Types of Sleeping Bags

If you are thinking of buying a sleeping bag for camping, you should know that there are three types available in the market today.

Winter Sleeping Bag

The winter sleeping bags come in two forms. One has a temperature of 0° degrees while the second type usually comes with temperature ratings of  -20° or -40° degrees. If you are going to be camping in a very cold region, the sleeping bag with a temperature rating of  -20° degrees Fahrenheit will be more preferable. When camping in colder regions with high-altitude mountain terrains, the -40° degrees will be more suitable.

Goose Down Winter Sleeping Bag

Most people prefer this type of sleeping bag. It has the right insulation temperature perfect for your camping in cold regions. When you keep this warm sleeping bag with you, even if the weather changes, your safety won’t be threatened. The insulation of the goose down sleeping bag will give you warmth and comfort. It would also be easy to pack because it is inflammable.

Marmot Three Season Synthetic Sleeping Bag

This synthetic sleeping bag is the most popular of the three types and has more functions. Just as the name implies the three-season synthetic sleeping bags serve all purposes. Whether you are camping during summer or winter, you can use it. It comes with an insulating temperature between 15-20° degrees above zero. This type of sleeping bag will dry quickly even when there is moisture. Synthetic material dries quickly and will be able to retain its insulation even if it is wet. It is better than the goose down sleeping bag in this regard which takes a longer time to get dry.

If you also think about the carriage, the three seasons sleeping bag is lighter and very easy to carry in your bag pack. The most important thing is for you to only pack it when it is dry. You can protect the sleeping bag from moisture by always keeping it in a waterproof stuff sack.


Sleeping Bag Insulation

When buying an inflatable sleeping bag, you should know that you can either get the synthetic or the goose down insulation. The goose down sleeping bag is warmer and very light to carry around. However, when it gets wet, it quickly loses its insulation and will take longer to dry.

The synthetic sleeping bags, on the other hand, can be cleaned easily and will dry quickly. They are the most preferred choice for users and you can carry them during the wet season for your camping trip. The synthetic sleeping bags are more affordable than the goose down sleeping bags.


Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings

The temperature rating of any sleeping bag is the amount of warmth an individual will get from using the product. When buying an inflatable sleeping bag, you need to first add  10-15° degrees to the real temperature rating. When the product states that the sleeping bag has a temperature rating of 20° degrees, then you should expect the sleeping bag tow provide temperatures around 30-35° degrees. When a sleeping bag has enough heat it is better because you can cool it down by unzipping the bag a little. You can’t keep a cold sleeping bag warm.


 Caring for a Sleeping Bag

Another thing you should know about buying inflatable sleeping bags is that they are very easy to clean. You should make sure that your sleeping bag is dry before you store it. The goose down bags cannot be kept in a stuff sack but you should keep it in a laundry bag instead. However, the synthetic sleeping bags can stay on stuff sack.

Sleeping bags can be washed using a front load washer with a small amount of soap and cold water. It is not advisable to dry clean a sleeping bag and most especially the sleeping bags that are goose down.


Things to Consider When Buying Inflatable Sleeping Bags

Before you set out on your camping trip, you will need to get your sleeping bed. There are many products to choose from when buying inflatable sleeping beds. Here are some of the things people consider when buying Inflatable sleeping bags.

  • Temperature Rating

You should get an inflatable sleeping bag with a temperature rating of about 15 to 20 degrees extra insulation. The sleeping bag should be very warm.

  • Colour

Inflatable sleeping bags come in many colors. You can choose any color based on your preference. The color of the bag has no relation to its functions.

  • Right Zip or Left Zip?

You can choose a sleeping bag that comes with either a right zip or a left zip depending on what you prefer. Many companies make inflatable sleeping bags with different positions of zips.

  • Water Resistance

If you buy a goose down sleeping bag, it has does not retain water. Inflatable sleeping bags that are water-resistant are usually more expensive than the other types that do not dry easily. If you want the goose down sleeping bag to keep its insulation, it should always be dry.



There are many inflatable sleeping bags available in the market today. The type of sleeping bag you get would be based on your camping trip. If you plan on camping in places with high mountains, then the three-season synthetic sleeping bags will be suitable. The synthetic sleeping bags with temperature rating at 20 degrees are the most preferred amongst buyers. The inflatable synthetic bags are very easy to clean and won’t keep water in for long.

Bikers like to travel light and they would need inflatable sleeping bags that are very light to carry around. The goose down sleeping bags is much lighter to carry around. If you were to choose between the goose down and the synthetic sleeping bags, it would be a very difficult choice to make. The most important thing to consider is the temperature rating and insulation of the sleeping bags. You have to figure out which sleeping bag will be more suitable for your camping trip. However, most people will prefer to get inflatable synthetic sleeping bags because they can dry easily and it is more versatile. However, it falls short when you consider the weight and its compressibility. The goose down sleeping bags will beat it in these areas.

An inflatable camping pad for sleeping can be best when you are planning to go out for a vocation. In case you wish to buy one then you should look at the guide as highlighted above as it can be of great help to you. Now, go out and find the perfect sleeping bag, and enjoy your journey without having to worry about whether or not your sleeping bag will survive the elements. Happy camping!

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