10 Best Portable Industrial Evaporative Coolers Of 2023

Evaporative cooler air is different than an air conditioner in that it uses water and air instead of a compressor to produce cool air. This feature makes portable evaporative cooler an attractive alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, as they consume less energy. There are many different types and features of evaporative coolers available for indoor, outdoor, commercial and industrial uses.

Our research team has been done on research by customer reviews and select some of the best evaporative coolers to talk about. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top best portable evaporative coolers which are available on amazon. Some items are on sale too, feel free to check them out and find the best you need.

Best Portable Evaporative Coolers Reviews:

10. Portacool Jetstream 230 Portable Evaporative Cooler

10. Portacool PACJS2301A1 Jetstream 230

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The evaporative cooler is a brand of Portacool which is designed for cooling your space up to 84 square meter that can be used in confined or open industrial workspaces. It is equipped with Portacool’s own Kuul Comfort MicroTech, the highest-quality evaporative media available in the U.S., along with innovative features like automatic low-water shutoff and oscillating louvers.

It also has a large 2-inch drain for easy cleaning and maintenance. This Evaporative coolers work best when the humidity is less than 25% based on customer usage.

9. Portacool PACCYC06 Cyclone Portable Evaporative Cooler

9. Portacool PACCYC06 Cyclone 1000

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Another model from Portacool which is designed with compact, portable unit is ideal for cooling outdoor spaces. Operating it is super easy – simply fill it with water and turn on the fan. As the water evaporates, the unit pumps out cool air up to a radius of 300 square feet.

The Cyclone 1000 features adjustable louvers, a flow control valve, and a large water receptacle that can hold up to 8 gallons of water. It also has recessed casters to make moving the unit around easier.

8. Honeywell CO48PM Evaporative Cooler

8. Honeywell CO48PM

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The Honeywell CO48PM is a both indoor and outdoor unit offering a cooling radius of up to 610 square feet. It is weather resistant and very simple to use – simply add water and ice to the reservoir, place the unit near an open door or window, and turn the unit on.

This  Honeywell evaporative cooler has two filling options, either it can be connected to a water supply (such as a garden hose), or the reservoir can be filled manually. The unit features cooling media on three sides, allowing it to provide more efficient cooling.

7. Honeywell CO60PM Evaporative Cooler

7. Honeywell CO60PM

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Another model from Honeywell, designed for commercial use, the Honeywell CO60PM can cool indoor and outdoor environments up to a radius of 850 square feet. It consumes considerably less energy than comparable coolers (220 watts at its highest setting).

It is very compact and portable, measuring 29.4 inches long, 41.9 inches tall, and 20.2 inches wide. When used outside, the unit provides an air throw of 12 yards.

6. Honeywell CL25AE Evaporative Cooler

6. Honeywell CL25AE

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The Honeywell CS071AE is a sleek, compact evaporative cooler designed to suit the decor of any room of your home. This indoor-only unit boasts a large 6.6-gallon water reservoir, a top-loading ice compartment, three speed settings, a sleep mode feature, and casters for easy transport.

It can provide cooling for a radius of up to 250 feet, making it perfect for use in medium to large rooms. This evaporative cooler includes a remote control for more convenient operation.

5. Honeywell CO25AE Evaporative Cooler

5. Honeywell CO25AE

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With this Honeywell CO25AE is ideal for use on patios, decks, or any other small spaces that need cooling. This unit provides powerful air flow (500 CFM) up to a radius of 250 square feet. It features an intuitive LED control panel, an automatic shut-off timer, and an adjustable humidification level.

4. Honeywell CO30XE Evaporative Cooler

4. Honeywell CO30XE

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With its weather-resistant design, superior performance, and modern design, the Honeywell Honeywell CO30XE is built to go the distance. It has a large 8-gallon water tank and can provide cooling for areas up to 320 square feet.

A remote control is included for adjusting settings from a distance, and an auto-off timer allows you to easily manage your energy usage. The unit features a detachable water tank for easier filling and cleaning.

3. Honeywell CL201AE Evaporative Cooler

3. Honeywell CL201AE

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The Honeywell CL201AE combines powerful airflow with ease of portability. The unit has a water capacity of 5.3 gallons and can cool an indoor space of up to 270 square feet. A carbon dust filter removes unwanted particles from the air while honeycomb-style evaporative media ensure faster, more efficient cooling.

2. Honeywell CS10XE Evaporative Cooler

2. Honeywell CS10XE

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The Honeywell CS10XE is a swamp cooler, meaning it’s designed to be used in low-humidity environments. In addition to providing evaporative cooling, tis indoor-only unit can also be used as a fan and a humidifier. It features a streamlined tower design, making this unit a sleek addition to any home.

It is also extremely quiet, with a sound level of just 57dB when running at high speed. Other convenient features of the Honeywell CS10XE are a low water alarm and an easy-to-clean detachable water reservoir.

1. Honeywell CS071AE Evaporative Cooler

1. Honeywell CS071AE

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The Honeywell CS071AE is intended for use in small spaces. It is compact, lightweight, and provides cooling up to 100 square feet. In terms of operation, using the Honeywell CS071AE is as easy as it gets. There is no compressor or hose to connect – simply fill the 1.8-gallon reservoir, plug the unit in, and turn it on. This cooler features honeycomb-style evaporative media for optimal cooling and a carbon filter that cleans the air as it’s cooled.

Portable Evaporative Cooler Buying Guide:

Have you ever felt intense heat? Summer is usually very warm and sometimes uncomfortable. You will need an appliance that can cool the air in your home. Instead of using your air conditioner that would weight on your electricity bills, you can buy a portable evaporative air cooler. These air coolers are very affordable and do not consume much power.

Before you go ahead to buy an evaporative cooler, you need to know what to look out for in a good product. In this guide, we will answer some important questions and show you how to buy a good portable evaporative cooler.

How does the Evaporative Cooling Work?

The air cooler is normally filled up with water to allow it cool. If the day is hot outside and you come in immediately, you will feel the cooling effect. The evaporative air cooler is very chilled because it allows the dry air to pass over water to cool to room. It cools better than a regular fan because it absorbs the water and turns it to gas which in turn circulates the room it is cooling.

The fan of the cooler can cool your home because it uses its fans to draw the warm air outside into the air unit and allows it to pass around its watered pads for cooling.

Best Places To Use  Evaporative Coolers

The evaporative air coolers are best used indoors. However, these are suitable for a certain climate. If you understand how the cooler works then you can decide if it is the best option you should go for.

Portable evaporative air coolers are a must-have in places with a warm and humid climate. For instance, the Southeast of the United States has a moist air.

You will value the work of the air cooler more when the humidity is below 60%. You can also use them in places that are not completely indoor like your garage, docks, and loading bay. The air cooler can also serve you in public places like festivals and other outdoor events.

When using the air coolers, all the windows have to be open and that is why you can’t use it is a place with high humidity. Opening the doors and windows allows you to breathe fresh air, unlike air conditioners that require tightly closed places.

Benefits of Evaporative Cooler

The essence of getting a portable evaporative cooler makes the space around cool. They are very easy to set up and it is something you can do yourself without having to call an expert.

Here are some of the benefits you get from using portable evaporative coolers.

Cool Air

Unlike air conditioners that make use of compressors and refrigerants, this portable cooler water as its a cooling agent. The portable air cooler just has three major things that are responsible for giving cool air, water, fans, and the pump.


The air cooler is not only affordable to buy but also affordable when you look at your light bills. If you use an air cooler for as long as eight hours, you will not incur a huge bill. They are over three times cheaper than air conditioners.


Portable evaporative coolers work with water and they allow you to breathe clean and fresh air. They are better than fans because they moisten the air so you are not breathing in dry air that can cause your itchy throat.

Sizes of Evaporative Cooler

If you want to enjoy having a portable evaporative cooler, you need to get the right size. If it is small, it won’t be very effective and it would work twice as hard as it is supposed to. You will end up wasting power trying to cool the large space around.

You need to know the area the air cooler can cool and calculate the cubic feet per minute (CFM) using this method. Calculate the volume of the area you are placing the cooler and also the number of air exchanges for every hour.

If you have a room that is 3,360 cubic feet you multiply it by two air exchanges per hour. You will get 6,720 per hour which is equivalent to 112 CFM.

For this calculation, you will need an evaporative cooler that can cool up to 112 cubic feet per minute CFM for the size of your living space.

Type Of Evaporative Coolers

You will find four different types of portable evaporative air coolers in the market today. They either fit for small or large spaces.


These portable air coolers are best used at home. The air cooler using has casters that allow you to wheel the portable cooler around your home so you can use them anywhere.

Window-Mounted Coolers

These are usually fixed on one spot by mounting it on the wall, they require some technical equipment to install it which comes with the air cooler.


This is suitable for larger spaces like garages, warehouses, and similar spaces. It has a larger capacity and is more powerful than the portable air coolers used at home.


This type of portable evaporative cooler is best used at restaurants, for camping, sports events, and other outdoor engagements.


We recommend that you buy a portable evaporative cooler for your home and outdoor spaces because of its cost. It doesn’t consume much power compared to other cooling systems. The portable coolers are very easy to maintain. All you need is to wipe it with a damp cloth occasionally to remove dust.

You can clean it at least once in two weeks using just warm water and soft detergent to clean off the dust, mildew and other dirt stored up in the cooler. It is also advisable to empty the water tank after use. After that you can disconnect the cooler and close it, then put on the fan for a few minutes to let the water dry completely before storing it.

There are many portable evaporative coolers in the market today. Now that you know how they work, you should be able to identify the best product to get that will be able to cool the space you need to use it.

Using a portable evaporative cooler is a great, natural, and environmentally-friendly way to produce clean, cool air for your home or office. Air coolers also consume much less energy than air conditioners, which can translate to significant energy savings. Choosing the best air cooler from the hundreds that are available can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. The above list of air coolers should help you understand all of the different features and choose the best unit for your needs.

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