Top 10 Best Portable Sawmill Reviewed 2020

Are you a seasoned carpenter who wishes to elevate his carpentry skills to the next level? Have you been on the lookout for the right companions? We are here to assist you in making the right purchasing decision.

We have conducted extensive research on the best portable sawmills in town at the moment. We are glad to present to you our research findings below. We have done so by sampling the ten best such saws and their corresponding descriptions.

Best Seller Portable Sawmill on Amazon

Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
chainsaw mill Portable Chainsaw mill 36" Inch 304 stainless steel and Aluminum Planking Milling Bar Size Cutting Milling (36“)
High Quality, 304 stainless steel and Aluminum Construction,Lighter and stronger; Chainsaw mill 36 inch length fits chainsaw bar length 10"-36”
Bestseller No. 3
Carmyra Portable Chainsaw mill 36" Inch Planking Milling Bar Size 14" to 36"
High Quality Steel and Aluminum Construction; Cut Cedar, Walnut and Oak into High Quality Lumber


1: Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill 36-inch Planking Milling

1: Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill 36-inch Planking Milling
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With adjustable bar sizes (from 14 inches to 36 inches), this sawmill is indeed suited for a variety of working conditions. You will find it quite handy to utilize in demanding circumstances as a result of this. Generally, it features high-quality steel and Aluminum construction.
In light of this, the sawmill is lighter in weight, yet still tough enough to be able to cut through the hardest of woods.

Among some of the topnotch benefits, you may anticipate deriving from it are simpler operability, lower price, and ability to cut through tough woods like oak, walnut, and cedar.

2: Alaskan Granberg Chain Saw Mill, Model# G777

2: Granberg Chain Saw Mill, Model# G777
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Are you a weaker person? Would you still wish to leverage the benefits of a powerful sawmill notwithstanding your leaner muscles? If you answered yes, this sawmill could indeed be yours for the taking.

As stated, it is lighter yet well able to cut just about every other kind of timber. It has, as a matter of fact, the ability to cut through beams and lumber from around ½ inches to around 13 inches in thickness and 17 inches in width. The sawmill is also easier to mount as it requires no drilling bar. On the whole, it requires chainsaws that are less than 20 inches long.

3: Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill

3: Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill
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Cutting thick and heavy timber like oaks, walnut, and cedar requires tough and reliable chainsaws. The equipment of this kind ought to be light enough to grant you the freedom to carry it around with ease. This is the need that this particular chainsaw is intended to fulfill.

Its Aluminum and high-quality steel construction, high-quality mill, and 36-inch planking lumber cutting bar work jointly to make this happen. What’s more? The chainsaw is convenient to engage as it does not at all require any drilling bar to attach to a saw. This will yet again make it simpler for you to utilize it.

4: Norwood PortaMill Chain Saw Sawmill

4: Norwood PortaMill Chain Saw Sawmill
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Cutting huge quantities of wood at a time requires a faster and easier to use sawmill. This is to eliminate boredom and facilitate the process of tackling the said tasks. This is where this particular sawmill comes in. On the whole, it is mainly recommended for small to mid-size logs.

It’s flagship part if the easy-to-use, hand-push feed system. This basically allows you to operate it how you would a real sawmill. Other than this, all its components are designed in a quick-connect/disconnect fashion. This arrangement allows for easier setup, storage, and transportation.

5: Farmertec Portable Chainsaw Mill Attachment Chainsaw

5: FT&C Chainsaw Mill Attachment Chainsaw
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Building and construction is no mean feat. It requires tough machines that are pretty resilient to the elements of wear and tear. A tough and reliable sawmill of this kind is hence by all means called for. In all, the sawmill is suited for use by woodworkers, builders, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The sawmill is portable and can easily be transported to the desired location of use. It has an adjustable width and heights to suit the various sizes of wood to be cut. It can cut lumber that measures 0.5 inches thick by 13 inches long by 36 inches thick at a time.

6: Popsport 14 Inch-36 Inch Portable Chainsaw Mill

6: LOVSHARE 14-inch - 36-inch Saw Mill Portable Chain Sawmill
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Are you a woodworker, builder, outdoor enthusiast, or plumber? You have no better friend than this sawmill as you are about to see. This is because it is designed in a portable manner and is comparatively simpler to use.

By reason of the durable aircraft-grade Aluminum construction as well as stainless steel blades, you may be sure of great outcomes and ease of use. You will not have to confront too heavyweights in the course of so doing.
Other than this, you may be sure to enjoy the freedom to adjust the thickness of the sawmills which is great for tackling huge and clumsy logs at any given time.

7: Wood-Mizer LT15 Portable Sawmill with 19 HP Gas Engine

7: Wood-Mizer LT15 Portable Sawmill with 19 HP Gas Engine
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To expedite the process of processing lumber, you sometimes have to go deeper than merely cutting the timber into smaller sizes. A compact yet powerful sawmill such as this LT15 shall surely come in handy. It is designed to tackle just about every other sawing need.

It is quite small in size, very versatile, and can handle woods that are 28 inches in diameter and 17 inches 8 feet long. It also sits low to the ground. As such, it is not only stable but also requires fewer fittings. This again goes a long way in enhancing its ease of use.

8: Granberg EZ Rail Mill Guide System -5Ft. with 2 Crossbar Kits

8: Granberg EZ Rail Mill Guide System - 5Ft., 2 Crossbar Kits, Model# G1085
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If you are looking for a highly versatile sawmill, look no further than this one. The equipment is able to combine with any likeminded types of equipment as they measure between 5 feet and 9 feet. This makes it applicable to a variety of environments and working conditions.

On the whole, the equipment features aircraft-grade Aluminum construction. This makes it light and very portable. It can also serve as a mill guide and rails respectively. This is not to mention that it has a compact size that measures 60 inches long by 4 inches wide by 6 inches high. It demands less storage space and is also less cumbersome to carry around.

9: Hud-Son Sawyer Portable Sawmill Bandmill Chainsaw Mill

9: Hud-Son Sawyer Portable Sawmill Bandmill Chainsaw Mill
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It is almost impossible to fell a large number of trees and on a regular basis for that matter without a power saw. The manufacturer of this saw, Hud-Son Sawyer, understands this only too well. That is why it has incorporated a gas motor as a vital component of this sawmill.

Among the key features, you may wish to leverage are an all-purpose blade, 2.5 cubic centimeter lube tank system, 450-pound total mill weight, and dual measuring system. Perhaps the most outstanding benefit of this sawmill is the fact that it eliminates the need for personal effort. This subsequently combats fatigue and guarantees awesome peace of mind.

10: GRANBERG Alaskan MK III Portable Lumber Mill

10: Alaskan MK III Portable Lumber Mill, Model# G776-36
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Looking to convert rough logs into beautiful wooden slabs? You definitely require a versatile heavy-duty lumber like this one. Measuring 36 inches long and being able to adjust from ½ inches to 12 inches, this sawmill is indeed a worthy and reliable companion in the forest.

It is on the whole simpler to set and operate. It is also portable and hence easier to transport to the desired locations of use. The sawmill can handle slabs that measure up to 12 inches thick and 32 inches wide. Lastly, the equipment can be utilized by adults and youngsters alike. It is hence a great purchase indeed!

We are pretty confident that you have now received the guidance you require to make the best ever purchasing decision. Please note that the list above may change without notice. This is because some goods may run out of stock while newer ones may be introduced at any time.
This being the case, you would not wish to waste any time at all. You may spend more money later or even not find any in stock if you delay. You should, therefore, make appropriate arrangements to acquire one as soon as possible. We wish you all the best in your endeavor!

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